About us
Offering a unique level of quality in every product.

Our unyielding commitment to safety, innovation and leadership results in high quality across our entire product line. For a wide-ranging market that includes retail, industrial and food service companies, we provide fresh, frozen or consumerready meats tailored specifically to your needs.

Now in our second decade and expanding steadily, we attribute our growth to the success of our vision—the special approach to our business that we call QSI. Our company leadership drives our commitment to those standards, so that you can buy from us with full confidence that you will be getting quality products, top safety levels, and ongoing innovations.

Contact your Colorado Premium sales representative for complete product information, pricing and sales. Or next time you’re in our area, schedule a tour of our facility to experience QSI in person.

Colorado Premium
At our facility, Colorado Premium products begin with quality meats supplied by nearby harvesters. We create a variety of products to meet the demands of the contemporary market, including our most popular products: value-added raw meat and portion control steak. Read More>
Our advanced equipment and strict procedures enable us to operate with a relentless daily focus on food safety, quality and consistency. Employing the latest food safety interventions, our facility is USDA inspected, completely HACCP integrated and BRC compliant. Read More>
When your business needs private label packages or restaurant-ready entrees, prepared fresh or frozen, we have the capability to provide exactly what you want within a short time. We combine modern technology with years of know-how to create new products efficiently and to offer good value.
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