Leading the industry with a carefully balanced approach to our customers' needs.

When Colorado Premium was founded in 1998 by industry veterans Kevin LaFleur and Don Babcock, the company’s goals were clear. We would be known for innovative products that would always represent good value for our customers. We would staff with experienced specialists and professionals, establish safety standards above the norm, and require unmatched quality in our products, processes and procedures. Today, our company is meeting all of those goals, and our customer base continues to respond well to our business practices. With our emphasis on quality, safety and innovation—symbolized by the mark QSI—our customers know they can rely on us.

As an added-value manufacturer of premium protein
 products, Colorado Premium serves major U.S. retailers and restaurant chains, and co-packs specialty items for packers across the nation. A leader in processes, efficiency and products, we work constantly to be at the top in every area of our business, creating a careful balance among all the elements that are critical to successful meat production.
About Us
Our unyielding commitment to safety, innovation and leadership results in high quality across our entire product line. For a wide-ranging market that includes retail, industrial and food service companies, we provide fresh, frozen or consumer ready meats tailored specifically to your needs. Read More>
We have the capacity and technology to handle your largest orders, but we are also dedicated to meeting your needs, no matter how small. Whatever your plans for meat sales, our staff stands ready to help you develop your ideas—and to ensure that you can be confident in the quality and safety of your product.
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Our complete line of consumer ready products for retail and food service allows us to develop competitive pricing programs to fit your needs with private label or Colorado Premium branded products. Read More>
Mission Statement: To exceed our customers’ expectations in product Quality, Safety, and Innovation (QSI) by continuously delivering unique solutions from a high-performing team of professionals dedicated to a customer-first culture.


Greeley, Colorado -- Colorado Premium Foods, one of the country’s premier beef processors serving retailers, restaurant chains and private labels around the world, today announced it has acquired the assets of Miami, Florida-based National Deli, LLC one of the nation’s leading branded deli meat


National Deli, originally founded in 1982 as the non-kosher division of Hebrew National, has built a reputation for high-quality raw and cooked meats, including corned beef, roast beef, pastrami, prime rib, and hot dogs. READ MORE>