About Colorado Premium

Colorado Premium is led by a team of meat experts and industry veterans who collectively understand and execute best processes and procedures. We are leaders in precision meat cutting and optimizing efficiency, and we use the best technology available to give our customers an advantage. We can deliver mass customization and have proven success in driving costs down for our clients.

From executive leadership to mid-management, our company has an intense, daily focus on maintaining remarkable quality and food safety. This leads to constantly exceeding our customers’ expectations, both with their product requirements and their internal quality and safety standards.

At the heart of Colorado Premium, you’ll find an entrepreneurial spirit that provides direction for our vision. We comprehend the unique business circumstances our customers can face. We push ourselves to adapt new product development techniques and thrive at finding ways to accomplish our customers’ needs.

Our Story

Founded in 1998 by industry veteran Kevin LaFleur, our company’s goals were clear:

• Strive for unmatched quality in our products, processes and procedures.
• Build a team of specialists and professionals to establish safety standards above the norm.
• Be known for innovative products that always represent good value for our customers.

Nearly 20 years later, Colorado Premium is exceeding what Kevin dreamed it would be. The company is large enough to be efficient and competitively priced, and small enough to demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit in nearly every aspect of its business.

As a high-volume, state of the art manufacturer of premium protein products, Colorado Premium (and its 80+ private-label brands) provides a variety of fresh, frozen or consumer ready meats to major U.S. retailers, restaurant chains, and food service companies throughout the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Taiwan, UAE and more. Colorado Premium creates specialty items and products for restaurants and food service companies, co-packs for other manufacturers, and provides private-label meats for retail chains. Recently Colorado Premium has launched some new and exciting brands of our own.

Now in its second decade of high-velocity growth and expansion, Colorado Premium has mastered the art of efficient processing with an unparalleled commitment to quality. With five processing facilities, nationwide distribution, and our vision for progression, we are on an ambitious growth trajectory alongside our biggest and smallest customers alike.

Colorado Premium thrives on exciting partnership opportunities to challenge our adaptability and innovation as we grow. Our nationally recognized and expansive portfolio (National Deli, Truly Simple, Paddy O'Neills, and Tapatio Meats) is a testament to our passion for taking new products to shelf that are exciting and different. Ready to cut to the chase? Click here.


Our emphasis on quality, safety, and innovation means our customers can always expect consistent and exacting quality standards.



Colorado Premium has quality processes down to a science. We obsess over correct specifications, we measure and audit to ensure adherence to those specifications, and we embrace a culture of continuous improvement.

  • High Quality Raw Materials – we implement stringent supplier specifications and protocol to ensure quality materials from receiving to shipping
  • Driven by Specifications – clearly defined expectations, followed by adherence to processing standards and finished product specifications means the right product EVERY time
  • Meat Expertise and Cold Chain Management – years of professional experience combined with meat science acumen means outstanding results with fresh meat




Our advanced equipment and strict procedures enable us to operate with a relentless daily focus on food safety, quality and consistency. The food safety program at Colorado Premium utilizes the same advanced technology as the large packers, but with special day-to-day scrutiny that our smaller size allows.


BRC certification
Silliker Gold audit level
USDA Beef Export Verification (EV) Program
Halal certification

Safety procedures

  • HACCP Integrated
  • Sanova intervention
  • Secondary intervention (separate from Sanova)
  • Annual third-party food safety auditing
  • 100% test-and-hold for all ground products
  • 24/7 access for technical support and safety consultation
  • Traceability and tracking
  • Fully integrated, real-time electronic monitoring and verification
  • Customer sampling for testing



Colorado Premium is unique. We develop products using the latest flavor trends and consumer data. We also have meat scientists and skilled meat cutters to create the perfect cut to carry every exciting flavor to shelf. These combined skillsets rarely exist within the same company. What this means to you is great flavors, affordable raw materials, and innovative cuts to drive your success.

  • Taking an idea from scratch and delivering an exceptional finished product
  • Deep relationships with our suppliers
  • The latest technology, flavor applications, consumer trends
  • Refined sensory evaluation skills