Tapatio Meats

All Flavor - No Bottle Required

Tapatio Hot Sauce has been around since 1972, and has become a staple for hot sauce lovers across the globe. Made from the finest spices and ingredients, Tapatio captures an authentic flavor of Southern California inside every bottle. And as the #1 Hot Sauce in the West, and the #3 Hot Sauce in the U.S., Tapatio has achieved what other brands can only dream of.

As Tapatio looked to expand its product portfolio, they approached Colorado Premium in search of creating branded, prepackaged meats. The results were a broad collection of spicy and savory licensed product offerings, such as Southwestern Beef Tri-Tip, Orange Spiced Pork for Carnitas, Chicken and Beef Fajitas, “Cantina Style” Pollo Asado, and Citrus Spice Grilled Chicken.