High-Quality Meats, Crafted with Care

With over 25 years of experience (and counting), we’re a family-run, meat-loving operation—committed to the craft of providing premium protein products…and creating genuine relationships that last. Come see how we’re a cut above the rest.

Who We Are

Your New Go-To Partner

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, high-volume meat manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a variety of fresh, frozen, and consumer-ready products to major US retailers, restaurants, and food service companies—both domestically and worldwide. Need it custom? Co-packed? Interested in private-label? We have it covered—and can’t wait to partner with you.

Premium Quality

We obsess over specifications, measurements, and processes—so you don’t have to. Fact is, each order goes through a detailed audit and quality assurance checklist.

Food Safety

Rest assured, safety is a priority and a promise we make. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and strict procedures, our daily operations are consistent and secure.

A Taste of What We Do

Any way you slice it, our mission is simple: to exceed your expectations, time and again. From product quality to safety and innovation, our hard-working team knows this industry like an old friend. We eat (literally), sleep, and breathe meat, and love working with clients who share in our passion as well.

Our Goods

The Goods

Beef, poultry, custom cuts. Marinating, aging, cooking. The list goes on... We offer a comprehensive line of premium, consumer-ready meats—with custom capabilities, too.

Our Services

Come one, come all—orders big and small. We’ll get to know you and your specific needs, help you develop ideas, and deliver an exceptional final product.

Our Starting Lineup

We Specialize In…


USDA Prime or marinated value cuts. There are a lot of ways to enjoy steak—and we’ll tailor ours to be just what you need.


Love this Irish classic? You’re in luck. We’re bringing corned beef to the table well beyond St. Patrick’s Day.


Whether creating it from scratch or applying a custom flavor, our culinary experts know how to make delicious marinades with a clean ingredient list too.


Where precision meets speed… We pair cutting-edge technology with sharp eyes and steady hands to deliver the very best portion-controlled meats.


Pros when it comes to the production of ground beef—ours comes from high-quality, richly flavored cuts of meat, with 100% test and hold procedures.


Let’s get cookin’. We are thrilled to now offer sous vide, searing, and par fry cooking capabilities for retail and food service partners.


Discover white meat that is anything but bland and boring. We’ve got premium chicken and turkey options that can be customized to your taste.

Why Colorado Premium?

We’re so glad you asked. At Colorado Premium, we put people first. Sure we’re industry experts—well-aged in our experience and knowledge—but our favorite part of this business is getting to know our clients, and serving them well. Then there’s our grit. We’ll carve out the time to ensure our processes and procedures are the very best—staying efficient and affordable for you.

Beyond our sure-fire menu of products and services, we can create custom solutions just for you. From crafting specialty items to co-packing…even providing private-label meats—you give us the specs (however niche or rare), and we’ll ensure it’s well done.

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Ready to Innovate

Our approach at Colorado Premium is, quite simply, unique. It’s not common for a company to consist of skilled craftsmen, chefs, meat scientists, and consumer data experts in-house. But we know the perfect product requires a range of knowledge—all packaged up and blended together to serve you. Plus, we can take any idea, from scratch, and deliver a custom solution with exceptional flavor at an affordable cost.


Reach out to us for enquiries about products. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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