Our complete line of consumer ready products for retail and food service allows us to develop competitive pricing programs to fit your needs with private label or Colorado Premium branded meats.

No matter your specification needs, we have the fresh, frozen or consumer-ready products that can be tailored to your individual needs. Available processing methods include raw, injected or vacuum-tumble steaks and roasts.


At Colorado Premium, we provide a complete line of steak products that can be tailored to your specific needs. Do you require special aging, processing or packaging? We look forward to the opportunity to develop custom products specifically for your business. Our team of experts and state-of-the-art facility stand ready to provide the service, consistency and quality your business can depend on.


A little bit of Irish corned beef isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it is private label, custom product or Colorado Premium brand, we have the options to fit your needs.


Colorado Premium specializes in delivering high-volume formulated marinated meats. Our internal team of chefs and food scientists focuses on helping customers create clean food labels, pick and choose authentic ingredients, develop simple and unique marinating processes, and innovate new product designs. We have the know-how to implement and manage your flavor systems, and can validate consistency is met through all distribution channels.


Colorado Premium also specializes in delivering high-volume, portion controlled meats. Our internal team of precision meat cutters stays focused on providing consistency, maintaining high-caliber efficiency through all processes, and fabricating with exactness needed for precision portion control.


High quality ground beef with 100% test and hold procedures is a core competency of Colorado Premium. We have taken our quality commitment technical resources to a new level with our approach to grinding. We approach this critical market with care and precision so our customers can rely on consistent product, ground to specification, with the testing protocol to back it up. With quality ground beef on the rise in foodservice and retail, call us to discuss a program that will set you apart from your competition.


Colorado Premium has entered the world of cooked meats for retail and foodservice with the addition of Sous Vide capabilities. Watch for more to come!


Value-added poultry is a big business for Colorado Premium. We’re adept at the unique processing needs for great quality marinated chicken and turkey. Our safety and quality systems are built such that we deliver expertly marinated poultry delivered as whole muscle or sliced and portioned to your spec. We understand that poultry raw materials are delicate and require additional attention to detail – and that’s a sweet spot for our facilities. Whether you’re looking to drive value, or want super-clean ingredients for your most discerning customers, we can confidently execute your vision!.