Our Story

Our Story Is One of True Entrepreneurship

Born into a passionate family with a vast knowledge of the beef business, Kevin LaFleur grew up immersed in the meat industry. His father, Dave, ran some of the greats, and that’s where Kevin was taught the ropes. From working in the beef facilities to becoming VP of operations and even president, Kevin learned it all firsthand—and was inspired to carry on the legacy. In 1998, he decided to start his own operation; one where deep-rooted values could continue, thrive, and evolve—to provide high-quality meat products for a new generation of customers. Aka, Colorado Premium. 

Success really picked up for us in the early 2000s as we became known as a go-to corned beef provider. This expertise then expanded into food service, home delivery, and more—as our team stayed focused on targeted growth, premium quality, and, most importantly, a customer-first culture. Our history is embedded in the power of family, so genuine, long-standing relationships have always been of utmost importance to us. Kevin’s son Dan is our current president, following in the footsteps of his father (and grandfather) with tenacity and care. 

Nearly 20 years later, Colorado Premium is exceeding what Kevin dreamed it could be. We’re a large, well-respected, and efficient organization that is still small enough to demonstrate a relational, and entrepreneurial, spirit in nearly every aspect of the business. Well into our second decade of rapid growth and expansion, we’ve mastered the art of high-volume processing with an unparalleled commitment to quality. With five processing facilities, nationwide distribution, and a grounded vision for the future, we are eager and ready for what’s to come. 

Our Company Goals:

Then, today, and always…

  • Strive for unmatched quality in products, processes, and procedures
  • Build a team of specialists and professionals to establish safety standards above the norm
  • Be known for innovative products that represent the highest value for our customers