Paddy O’Neills


Recognized as a super high quality authentic corned beef, Paddy O'Neills stems from the legacy of Patricia O’Neill. The quintessential loving Irish mother, Pat O’Neill was a lifelong teacher. She was tough as nails, but full of commitment and love, and always trying to get kids to just be the best they can be.

That love and commitment are the pillars of what Paddy O'Neills has built with our tribute brand of corned beef dedicated to the memory of Pat O’Neill.

The legendary recipe includes premium spice, fresh spices and more spices, as well as brown sugar to give it an earthier and sweeter flavor. Paddy O'Neills corned beef also has 34% less sodium versus its competitors, which speaks to our commitment to providing a healthier product for the benefit of our customers.

Paddy O'Neills donates a portion of all proceeds to Food Banks of America, giving back to the people who need it the most– just like Pat O’Neill taught us.