Truly Simple

The approachable ‘award-winning’ steak format

After compiling over 25 years of consumer research, the results were not that surprising. People eat fewer steaks, because A. the price is too high, and B. steaks are perceived to be unhealthy. This same research showed that people would eat more steaks if A. The portion size was smaller, B. it was easy to cook, and C. it was consistently the ‘right’ thickness. *

And just like that, Truly Simple started with the idea that everyone can be successful at cooking a perfect, healthy steak every time.

To accomplish this, we first start by hand-trimming your favorite steaks in center-cut perfection, which removes excess fat, gristle and other unwanted little bits. Meaning, what you see is what you eat. You cook the whole steak and eat the whole steak. With a consistent 1.5” thickness steak, you’ll be able to consistently cook steaks the way you want them. No more guessing cook times or cutting your steak open to see how it’s cooking.

Next, we age these 1.5” thick little beauties for 21 days, then portion them into 4 ounce pieces and vacuum package them in our leak proof packages. Our vacuum seal packing gives our steaks a longer shelf life and allows you to freeze your steaks without losing any quality. No more freezer burn – and no more dehydrated meat.

And finally, upon delivery, our friendly packaging gives the consumer easy cooking instructions, along with some extra recipes that we think will be a great compliment to each of your perfectly cooked steaks.

* Compiled from multiple resources including NCBA & Beef Check-off Consumer Research.